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New Molds

Here is where we introduce new molds that customers have suggested.
If there is enough interest we will turn them into production bullets.
Recent graduates from this process include:

180g RNFP 40/10MM/38-40

We put products on this page that customers have requested.
We will need pre-orders, before we buy the mold.

Send us and email or give us a call if you have any questions regarding the new mold orders,
or if you would like for us to put your suggestion up, we will be happy to.

That's right we have RN-NLG (Round Nose - No Luge Groove)
and now we are adding FP-NLG (Flat Point - No Lube Groove)

We have had a number of requests for the shape of bullet.  You can now easily load a 38 Special cartridge to 357 Magnum lengths.  With our softer alloy you can seat the bulley at any depth and make your own crimp groove.
Keep an eye out here for details and availability. 
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