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Cowboy Ammunition
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If you are new to reloading, it is probably best to purchase Cowboy Ammunition.  That is ammunition that is meant to work well at the game of Cowboy Shooting.  Many suppliers offer ammunition.  Our ammunition is meant to showcase our bullets.  You will find 32 H&R, 38 Special, 45 Colt and45 ACP (Wild Bunch) ammunition available.



If you want to get into reloading or have a friend that will reload for you, we have bullets.  Our bullets are shot by world champion shooters, several national champion shooters, and many state champion shooters, as well as sponsored company teams.

If we didn't make great bullets, why bother making bullets at all!!!


Cap and Ball Loading Stand:

If you are competing with Cap and Ball revolvers, our loading stand will give you what you need to load cap and ball revolvers.


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