Are Lubed Bullets are going away?

Posted by Regulator Johnson on Apr 28th 2023

Yes indeed lubed bullets are going away. 
We sell about 5 or 6 or 7 times more coated bullets than lubed bullets.  (Ooops, I had this reversed)

We use the HI-Performance bullet coating meant for coating bullets. 
The military has successfully tested this coating to over 3000 fps.
Our bullets have won and are winning world championships.

We tried to order bullet lube today and our supplier was out of blue and only had green.  When questioned about when the blue lube would come in, his answer was never.  They were dropping bullet lube because sales were near zero.

He gave me the name of his supplier, so you knew it was serious.

Responding to the marketplace, we will begin to eliminate or make lubed bullets special order. 
This will start with the smaller bullets.

Another thought was to make a fixed amount of lubed bullets each year and when they are sold out, that's it for the year.

Please contact us with your thoughts about lubed bullets.