TLS International Sales

When we ship our Tower Loading Stand outside the United States, we come across expensive shipping rates.

These high rates are new and an obstacle for us and our customers.

We are able to ship these stands in kit form and save considerably on Shipping cost.

This page is for international customers.  You may order an assembled stand and pay a higher shipping rate.

You may order the stand in kit form and pay a reduced shipping rate.

In order to ship using this method, you need to place your order for the 3 main components individually

And that is what this page is for.

To place an international order, select the following from this page.

1. Select a TLS Base unit.

2. Select the Rod Assembly: 44-45 Cal, 36 Cal or 32 Cal.

2 Select the Cylinder Holder:  7 available at this time.

4 Select Shipping Method:  Full Assembly, Kit form

5 Go to Checkout.