Our 45 ACP bullets

Posted by George Martin on Jun 21st 2023

We have the following 45 ACP and 45 Colt bullet shapes.

  • 165gRNFP-NLG
  • 180gRNFP
  • 200gRNFP
  • 200gSWC
  • 230gRN
  • 230gRN-NLG
  • 250gRNFP
  • 200gRNFP-45LC
  • 250gRNFP-45LC

That's 9 different shapes in the 45 caliber category.

Starting with what we call the 45LC.  That stands for 45 Long Colt.  There is not such a round as the 45 Long Colt, the proper name is 45 Colt, but we use that name to make sure you know it's different.  Prior to WWI, all 45 Colts were sized 0.454.  WWI came along with the 45ACP cartridge (sized 0.452).  After the military build up, the surplus and even production markets were geared up for 45 sized at 0.452.  Firearms manufactures said, let's not fight it, and we'll change 45 Colt firearms to a 452 sizing.  If you have an old gun (pre WW1), it might prefer 0.454 bullets, and that's why we make them.

All other of our 45 caliber bullets are sized 452 with the option of 451 sizing.  This came from customer requests.  I asked on such customer why did you select 451 sizing?  He said he had 4 guns to keep running.  Two for him and 2 for his wife.  With the 451 sizing, he could make ammo that ran in all 4 guns.

We offer bullets as light as 165g and as heavy as 250g.  Somewhere in that mix is just the right bullet for you.

All bullets are offered coated and all but the NLG bullets can be lubed.  No lube groove bullets have no place to put the lube.

We added the 230gRN-NLG because customers were complaining that the classic 230gRN had a ridge and could hang un while feeding the rounds.