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Bullet making Alloy

From time to time we come across material surplus to our operation.
We have packaged this material up in boxes and made available.

  • Bullet Alloy 15 Pound Box Brinell 30

    Bullet Alloy 15 Pound Box Brinell 30

    This is a 15 pound box full of 5 pound ingots of bullet alloy.This alloy measures a Brinell hardness of 30.  This would be great for casting rifle bullets or heavy hitting handgun bullets.Price includes shipping. Limited quantities are available.

  • Linotype 10 Pound box

    Linotype 10 Pound box

    This is a 10 pound box of Linotype.  This material is great for making a hard cast bullet.  Price includes shipping.  Limited Quantities available.

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