Our 45 ACP bullets

Posted by George Martin on Jun 22nd 2023

We have the following 45 ACP and 45 Colt bullet shapes.165gRNFP-NLG180gRNFP200gRNFP200gSWC230gRN230gRN-NLG250gRNFP200gRNFP-45LC250gRNFP-45LC

Our 38 / 357 / 9MM bullets

Posted by George Martin on Jun 15th 2023

38 / 357 / 9 MM Bullet ShapesWe have the following 38 / 357 / 9 MM bullet shapes.100gRNFP100gRNFP-NLG105gTCFP115gRN-NLG125gTCFP145gRN-NLG147

Different Colored Coatings

Posted by George Martin aka Regulator Johnson on Jun 4th 2023

Black is now available for the 125g 38 cal bullet.   LINK We can make any of our coated bullets in BLACKGold is also available.&n

Are Lubed Bullets are going away?

Posted by Regulator Johnson on Apr 28th 2023

Yes indeed lubed bullets are going away.  We sell about 5 or 6 or 7 times more coated bullets than lubed bullets.  (Ooops, I had t

Match Ammunition Part 1

Dec 9th 2022

We assemble match ammunition to support our sponsored shooters and to showcase our bullets.Our purpose is not to put Dicks or Wal-Mart out

Bullet Shapes tha we sell

Jun 22nd 2022

General Bullet Information about the bullets we sell.Here is a discussion of various handgun bullet shapes and abbreviations that may help