Why have Sponsored Shooters?


First, they are a wonder to watch, they move so fluidly, they perform at a high level, a level that you can only follow in your mind.
Second, they are a showcase for our bullets and ammunition.  You can make the same ammunition if you just pay attention.
Last and most important, they keep us on our toes. They use our products in all their matches.
    If our quality slips, they will set us know. 
    If our shipping procedures are not first-rate, they will let us know.
    If we need new molds, they let us know.
    If they are using our ammunition and get failure to feed or misfires, they will let us know.

Here are the Bang and Clang Sponsored Shooters:

SASS Participants

Half a Hand Henri aka Heather Kresser
Half a Hand Henry has been shooting for Bang and Clang for many years. She and Slippery Steve (original owner of Bang and Clang) shot together and developed their relationship. 
Not to ruin a great relationship we asked her if she wanted to stay associated with us. She has tested what we are now making for bullets and said yes. 
She is a SASS State, National and World Champion many times over.
Slick McClade aka Jason Robinson and Family
I met Slick at Bordertown. He was looking for a bullet sponsor. I gave him some of our coated bullets to test and he liked them a lot. He found them to be clean and accurate.
He's now using them in all his matches.
He recently finished 2018 End of Trail Match by winning B-Western
World Championship and also winning the title for “Worlds Fastest Cowboy”.
He is a SASS State, National, and World Champion using Bang and Clangs Bullets.              
Slick's daughter has won her first State Championship as a Junior.  She's using our
bullets and we welcome her aboard. Congratulations.
Slick offers one of the world's finest competition rifle action jobs for Marlins. He also customizes revolvers with octagon barrels and adds solid brass sights.
Numerous gun parts and other merchandise are also available in his online store.
Jason Robinson, Slick McClade
Slick Magic Guns 
Matches and wins keep coming. 
Slick won the top male category at the 2018 Hell Fire Cajun Mardi Gras Match in September using of course our bullets.
Proud of my family! Bringing home several trophies. Zach won national champion in Buckaroo,
Brenna came in 2nd in Lady B-Western (she is the youngest in that category),
and Jason won National Champion in Wranlger!! Jason also came in 6th overall out of 645 shooters.
Zach was 91st out of 645 which is pretty awesome for his age!
This entire family is shooting Bang and Clang Bullets!!
Slick McClade Family Results Winter Range 2019
Two Timer aka Tim Martin (no relation)
I met Tim at the local Las Cruces NM matches that we ran.  Time loves to shoot and enters all the matches time and money will permit.
Here's results from Winter Range 2019.
Winter Range 2019
Non-SASS Participants
David Olhasso
In the past couple years David Olhasso has achieved many titles in multiple shooting sports including USPA, Steel Challenge, ICORE, 3-Gun, and IDPA.
He is a shooter for Ruger and some of his National and World Titles include: First USPSA Production Grand Master, 2015 USPSA National Revolver Champion, 2015 World Speed Shooting Champion,
3 Time International Revolver Champion, IPSC World Shoot Revolver Gold Medal Team Winner, and IPSC World Shoot Production Gold Medal Team Winner.
He has demonstrated that he is an accomplished winner across an assortment of events using an extensive variety of firearm types.
James McGinty

James McGinty started shooting local competitions with his father since he was a child. At the age of 15 James was a master in the Enhanced Service Pistol division.

When James participated in the IPSC World Shoot Junior Open Team, USA won gold in 2008! One year later, James won the IDPA World Championship title in the ESP division.

James has been recently competing in ICORE, 3-Gun, IDPA, USPSA, Steel Challenge, and always finishing at the top of his divisions, he is also another shooter for Ruger! 

Regulator Johnson aka George Martin
It's me
Well hello.  I am Regulator Johnson. I'm new to SASS.  I have been using our bullets in ICORE, USPSA and Steel matches.  Testing different coatings, velocities, bullet styles and different guns.  Most are working perfectly.  I have an 8 shot revolvers in 38 Super and 357.  Both are working well.  We are all shooters, compete regularly, have years of experience and knowledge and just love shooting revolvers.
He (George) is just Old and In the Way.  Over the hill and having a great time.
Buffalo Kay aka Kaylee Summers June 2021
Here's our newest sponsored shooter in her own words.
Hi my name is Kaylee Summers, Alias Buffalo Kay SASS# 108686.  I have been shooting SASS for 2 years.
When I was 4 years old, I received my first rifle, a Cricket 22lr. I have been shooting IDPA for the past 6 months
using a Glock 44, I enjoy shooting both SASS and IDPA with my family.
I’m a member of 4H, where I take part in self-directed Western Heritage Shooting and sewing.
I sew clothing and quilts. I attend Cliff Middle School and play basketball on the Junior High team.
I’m currently 12 years old, turning 13 in November, and have my sights set on winning the
New Mexico State Championship Buckarette title.
(That match is hosted by the Gila Rangers  https://www.gilarangers.com/     Sept 10-12 see you there)