Are Lubed Bullets are going away?

Posted by Regulator Johnson on Apr 28th 2023

Yes indeed lubed bullets are going away.  We sell about 5 or 6 or 7 times more coated bullets than lubed bullets.  (Ooops, I had t

Match Ammunition Part 1

Dec 9th 2022

We assemble match ammunition to support our sponsored shooters and to showcase our bullets.Our purpose is not to put Dicks or Wal-Mart out

Bullet Shapes tha we sell

Jun 22nd 2022

General Bullet Information about the bullets we sell.Here is a discussion of various handgun bullet shapes and abbreviations that may help

Reloading. Part 1

Posted by Regulaor Johnson on Nov 4th 2021

Figure I.  25 yards offhand. S&W 929 with RSC compensator accuracy testing.  Center group 2 flyers (left and right).Here's a