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Where did Bang and Clang come from?

Posted by George on Apr 3rd 2017

Tuesday, April 03, 2017

In 2017 we purchased the assets, equipment, formula, trade name and customer list from 'Slippery Steve' of Bang and Clang in Magdalena NM. We mode everything to Mimbres, NM and incorporated the business as Bang and Clang LLC. Owned and operated by 'Regulator Johnson'.

Using the same molds equipment and recipes for making bullets, we started producing lubed bullets. These bullets are a brinell 12 hardness, perfect for SASS events. The lube is the color blue and purchased from Magma Engineering.

In that same year we started coating our bullets with "Hi-Tek Supercoat Powder". This is an epoxy coating that is baked onto the bullets in several layers. This coating has become the industry standard used buy the larger bullet manufacturer.

If you want to remain traditional shooting lubed bullets or are ready to take the step into coated bullets Bang and Clang is ready to support your shooting efforts.