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What the heck are Cowboy Bullets?

Posted by George on Sep 5th 2018

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

We call our main line of bullets "Cowboy Bullets". These are bullets made from molds that replicate the old style bullets used in the 1800s. Typically round nose flat point (RNFP), truncated cone flat point (TCFP), semi wadcutter (SWC) and round nose (RN). All of these will work well in tubular magazines found in lever action rifles. The will also work well in single action revolvers. So you could pick one bullet to load both your rifle and revolver.

I need to add that our bullets are a brinell hardness of 12. Lead is 8 on the brinell scale and 'Hard Ball' is 16. Lead is too soft for the velocities used in SASS and Hardball is actually too hard . We've found that the brinell 12 hardness is just a great compromise offering improved accuracy and able to be pushed fast enough to knock down steel.