Tower Loading Stand Application Note #1

Tower Loading Stand Application Note #1

Posted by Regulator Johnson on Sep 22nd 2021

We have released our Tower Loading Stand.  We think this stand it the best way to load cap and ball revolvers.  By removing the loading process from the revolver, you can perform your reloads more easily and more repeatably.  Also, you don't need to worry about damaging the reloading mechanism that came with your revolver.

The loader uses custom cylinder holders that fit and support the cylinder during the loading process.    These cylinders have a center post, an outer diameter and a relief area.  The center post fits into the cylinder's center hole.  The outer diameter is used to center the cylinder in the stand.  The relief area is used if there are ratchet mechanisms of other bumps that stick out the back of the cylinder.  Not all cylinder need the relief area.

Note:  We have provided 2 wrenches with this loader.  We use Nylock type nuts to hold the unit together, and you will need some sort of wrench to adjust these nuts and bolts.

A pusher with a return spring is used to force the ball into the cylinder.  The pusher has a carriage bolt on the top that can be used to adjust the overall length.  The other end has a radius to fit the diameter of the ball being loaded.  This pusher is held in place by the upper insert.  There are 2 of these upper inserts and the upper one had a clamping mechanism to adjust the clamping on the pusher.  Using one wrench and a screwdriver or small coin, you should tighten the clamping device to firm up the hold on the pusher, and loosen it to keep the pusher returning freely in the loader.  Also, we have different diameter pusher rods for different caliber cylinders.

You can remove the pusher and clean it.  I would recommend steel wool to slightly polish the rod.  No lube should be used, it will just attract dirt.  Keep everything clean and free from dirt.

The handle is secured with a Nylock type nut.  Use the wrenches to secure the nut on the bolt, but there is NO NEED to tighten the handle nut and bolt so that it interferes with the free movement of the handle.

If you want to load balls that are slightly larger that recommended, this stand is strong enough to do just that.  Go slow, test one out, but a lead ball 0.010" larger should be OK using this loader.