Match Ammunition Part 1

Dec 9th 2022

We assemble match ammunition to support our sponsored shooters and to showcase our bullets.Our purpose is not to put Dicks or Wal-Mart out of the ammunition selling business. Our purpose is to showcase out bullets. Our ammunition is a duplicate of what our sponsored shooters are using.It all began with our sponsored shooters giving us their formulations for their ammunition and then we just duplicated them.

But that is just the beginning.Our shooters are WORLD champions many times over.Their loading is a sweet spot they have developed over many years for the game(s) in which they participate.

Generally our ammunition fits the subsonic velocity category. This works in most of the modern shooting sports such as Steel Challenge, SASS, USPSA and ICORE.This ammunition fits the requirements of power, speed and accuracy.As our Match ammunition line has developed we have added rounds that do not have a sponsored shooter name attached.Also powders originally used by our shooters have become unavailable/expensive and we have made substitutions.

The foundation of ammunition design begins with a chronograph.This is a device that measures the speed of the projectile as it exits the barrel.The modern chronograph also reports other characteristics of the string of shots being fired.These characteristics are: maximum, minimum, average and standard deviation (SD) of the velocity..The SD is a quality of the string that represents how consistent is the velocity from round to round.Consistent velocity leads to a repeatable and accurate round.

Typically a velocity of 600 feet per second (fps) might have a SD of 10-20 fps.We have developed our new loads and are looking for a SD of 2-10.This produces ammunition that shoots smooth and constituent.

It is also important to note that our bullet alloy is a hardness of Brinell 12.Hardball rounds are Bn 16. We don’t need that hardness of optimum performance for our sports.Our alloy obdurates (expands to seal the barrel) using the gasses accelerating that bullet in the barrel.And our velocities are subsonic.You don’t need 1300 FPS in any event except maybe bowling pins.