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Our Cowboy ammunition is crafted to meet the needs of cowboy action shooters. We contacted our sponsored shooters and asked if we could reproduce their loads. They were so excited that they gave us their loading data and permitted us to put their cowboy names on the box(es).

This is the same ammunition our shooters are using to win world and national matches.

Why use the ammunition:

  • You’re away from home, don’t have access to your loading bench and would like to practice.
  • You presently purchase you ammunition and when you compare our 20 box pricing (1000 rounds) you see that we can save you a lot of money.
  • You are traveling to a match and don’t want to carry ammunition on the plane.
  • You’re at a match and you ammunition is giving you some problems and you want to eliminate that concern.
  • You would like to see where your ammunition stacks up against the ammunition used by the best shooters in the world.

This ammunition is made of our Bang and Clang LLC Bullets, Federal Match primers, used processed or new brass and the appropriate powder to duplicate the professional ammunition.

Please contact us for product details.

Current Match Schedule 2019:

       Geronimo Trail Shootout  13-15 Sept 2019   LINK     Completed

        Fall Fandango New Mexico SASS State Championships   18-20 October 2019  LINK  Completed

Bordertown 22-27 October 2019   LINK   Completed

Current Match Schedule 2020:

Winter Range 24 Feb - 1 Mar 2020   LINK

End of Trail  18-28 June 2020