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Cowboy Ammunition

Our Cowboy ammunition is crafted to meet the needs of cowboy action shooters.
This ammunition is made of used inspected brass and our Bang and Clang LLC Bullets.

Popular loads are available.  Initially we will be offering this ammunition exclusively for pickup at select matches.
Our main focus is working with foreign shooters and shooters flying in to these matches.

We contacted all our sponsored shooters and they were so excited about offering loaded match ammunition that they gave us their loads and permission to use their names.

Please contact us for product details.

Current Match Schedule:

Bordertown 22-27 October 2019

Winter Range 24 Feb - 1 Mar 2020

End of Trail  18-28 June 2020

  • 38 Special 100g RNFP

    These are the very same bullets, powder and length overall that Slick McClade has used to win his National and World Championships.  He has given us his loading data and permission to use his name on the product.  Are we proud of that.....You...