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Located in the middle of nowhere (really) in Mimbres, New Mexico, 88049.

Here are the Bang and Clang Sponsored Shooters:

Half a Hand Henry aka Heather Kresser

Half a Hand Henry has been shooting for Bang and Clang for many years.  She and Slippery Steve (original owner of Bang and Clang) shot together and developed their relationship.  Not to ruin a great relationship we asked her if she wanted to stay associated with us.  She has tested what we are now making for bullets and said yes. 

She is a SASS State, National and World Champion many times over.

Slick McClade aka Jason Robinson

I met Slick at Bordertown. We were both looking for much the same
arrangment.  I gave him some of our coated bullets to test and he liked what we had
to offer. He found them to be good shooting. He's now using them in all his matches.

He recently finished 2018 End of Trail Match by winning B-Western
World Championship and also winning the title for “Worlds Fastest Cowboy”.
He is a SASS State, National, and World Champion using Bang and Clangs Bullets.

Slick's daughter has won her first State Chamiponship as a Junior.  She's using our
bullets and we welcome her aboard. Congratulations.

Slick offers one of the world's finest competition rifle action jobs for Marlins. He also customizes revolvers with octagon barrels and adds solid brass sights. Numerous gun parts and other merchandise are also available in his online store.

Jason Robinson, Slick McClade
Slick Magic Guns

Regulator Johnson aka George Martin SASS 105,962

Well hello.  Regulator Johnson is me!!.  I'm new to SASS but I've been using these bullets in ICORE, USPSA and Steel matches.  Testing different coatings, velocities, bullet styles and different guns.  Most are working perfectly.  I have an 8 shot revolver in 38 Super and looks like I will need a bit larger sized bullet.  We are all shooters, compete regularly, have years of experience and knowledge and just love shooting revolvers.

He (George) is just Old and In the Way.  Over the hill and having a great time.
We have bullets out for testing with another local shooter.  Just waiting for his feedback.