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Here is a listing of what we are calling Revolver Bullets.  
They work great with moon clips or speed loaders.

These are lead cast bullets with a Brinell hardness of 12 and are lubed and sized. 
These are great for velocities of 800-1300 fps.  Not so good for velocities over 1300 fps. 

Our plan is to add other modern bullet shapes specifically suitable for revolvers.  Typically round nose for 9MM, 38, 38 Super and 45ACP.   These in the 100-160 grain range.

If you have a favorite bullet you would like us to add please use the CONTACT page and let us know.

Definitions for bullet shapes:

RN      Round Nose
RNFP  Round Nose Flat Point
SWC    Semi Wadcutter
TCFP   Truncated Cone Flat Point
BB       Beveled Base
FB        Flat Base

Lube:                                                                                        Coated:
    We use Magma Lube from                                                  We are using Hi-Performance Bullet

    Magma Engineering Company (Blue)                                Coatings.  (Brick Red)

32 Caliber

32 Caliber Coated

38 Special / 357 Magnum

38 Special / 357 Magnum Coated

45 Caliber

45 Caliber Lubed