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Located in the middle of nowhere (really) in Mimbres, New Mexico, 88049.


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Here is a listing of what we are calling Cowboy Bullets.
They are lead cast bullets with a Brinell hardness of 12 and are lubed and sized. 
These are great for velocitiesof 800-1300 fps.  Not so good for velocities over 1500 fps.

Beside each type of bullet image is a drop down box for selecting quantity and pricing.
Talk to us about different sizing options.  Unsized and unlubed also available please call.

Definitions for bullet shapes:
  • RN      Round Nose
  • RNFP  Round Nose Flat Point
  • SWC    Semi Wadcutter
  • TCFP   Truncated Cone Flat Point
  • BB       Beveled Base
  • FB        Flat Base

Lube:                                                                                          Coated:
    We use Magma Lube from                                                    We are using Hi-Performance Bullet Coatings.
    Magma Engineering Company (Blue)                                  (Brick Red)

32 Caliber Lubed

32 Caliber Coated

38 Special / 357 Magnum Lubed

38 Special / 357 Magnum Coated

44 Caliber 44 Magnum Lubed

44 Caliber 44 Magnum Coated

44-40 Caliber Sized Coated

44-40 Caliber Lubed

45 Caliber Lubed

45 Caliber Coated

38-40 also
10MM / 40 Caliber  Coated

38-40 also
10MM / 40 Caliber  Lubed

45 LC Coated

45-70 Coated

9 MM Coated